Day before yesterday I received a (bulk mailing) letter from Paul J.
Orfala, Chairperson of Kinko's Graphics Corp.  It was dated March 29,
1991 and said, in part:
"Kinko's will provide course material for you in the following manner:
"Any original material or material that is not copyrighted will be made
available for your students immediately.
"If copyright permission has been granted on your classroom materials,
then these materials will be available for your students along with your
original material.
"Any copyrighted material, even material that you may have felt was a
fair use, will require permission prior to being made available for your
students.  You may obtain permission on your own or we can assist you
with this process.  We will need a copy of the permission letter if you
obtain permission on your own."
Anybody else get a letter like this?
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