I hope the following topic is suitable for the focus of this list, (if
not someone will inform me, I hope), but it certainly is along the same
lines as "borrowing" from the greats.
	Recently on SciFi Lovers Digest, it was mentioned that Lucas's
source of inspiration for the entire Star Wars saga was derived from the
Arthurian Legends. I have never seen a reference to this in the past and
was greatly intrigued. Unfortunately I am not well versed in the
Arthurian Legends, but I have read up on Lucas, and at least his
biography makes no mention of such influences.
	During Bill Moyers' interviews with Joseph Campbell at Skywalker
Ranch, there were numerous references to typical biblical influences on
Star Wars (ie. the garbage compactor monster being an allegory for Jonah
being swallowed by the whale, etc.), as well as Lucas saying that he
wanted to create modern day hero's for todays kids.
	*** (And if I might add a side note, Lucas has been quite
successful, at least for me. I recall being in a difficult situation,
and asking myself "what would Christ or some other wiseman do in this
situation, maybe someone like Obi Wan Kenobi?". It may sound silly, but
it really was a subliminal thing -- todays film makers (at least the
good ones) are creating a mythology for modern society.) ***
	Anybody else have thoughts on this?
Jayson Raymond
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