Interesting to see a number of people with experience with the PXL2000.
I talked with a designer from Fisher Price awhile back; seems the
company is quite unaware how popular these cameras became among artists.
He claimed they averaged a loss of $1 per unit, thus ending production.
Those of us with extensive experience with the cameras are quite aware
of the QC problems as well...
I'd be interested in hearing about how folks have used this camera --
integrated with "straight" video, on its own, etc.
Most of my work with the camera has involved frame-grabbing, reworking
and output via re-animation, projected transparencies and intermixing with
normal video.  I find the PXL images lend themselves to raising
questions about how we view video/television.
It's also a great tool for teaching aspects of video production.
Wayne Draznin,coordinator
Computer Arts Program
Cleveland Institute of Art