>Losing your e-mail address at the end of the semester?
>Abandoning your e-mail address for the summer?
>Be sure you signoff from SCREEN-L before you do.  It'll save a lot of
>bounced messages and listserver hassle.
Correct me if I get this wrong, Jeremy, but if people are keeping the
same e-mail address, but just going away from their computers for
awhile, they can stop their SCREEN-L mail for the time being without
unsubscribing altogether.  All they need to do is send the command SET SCREEN-L
NOMAIL to the LISTSERV.  This is a handy command to use, too, if the
mail-flow just gets too heavy at any given time.  To get the mail
started again, they just send the command SET SCREEN-L MAIL to the
same place.  Neat, huh?
Me, I'm gonna be around virtually all summer long, and I'll be
checkin' them lively SCREEN-L e-cards and e-letters the whole time,
and writin' a few myself--so all y'other diehards keep 'em comin', y'hear?