Losing your e-mail address at the end of the semester?
Abandoning your e-mail address for the summer?
Be sure you signoff from SCREEN-L before you do.  It'll save a lot of
bounced messages and listserver hassle.
SCREEN-L will be here, ever vigilant, right through the summer months,
but I expect things will drop off considerably.  If you will be gone for
the summer, I hope to see you again in the fall.
In any event, to sign off SCREEN-L, here's what you do:  Send e-mail to
LISTSERV@UA1VM (or [log in to unmask], if you use an Internet
address) with the following command in the very first line of the
Please be sure to send your mail to LISTSERV, not SCREEN-L.  Otherwise
the entire list will receive your sign-off message.
That's about all there is to it, but if you have any problems, just drop
me a line and I'll take you off from this end.
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