POSTMODERN CULTURE, the on-line journal, is going ahead with their
notion of an on-line, real-time conference.  It looks like their
first reading could be of interest to several on SCREEN-L.
For info, I'd e-mail the editors:  [log in to unmask]
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To all PMC-Talk subscribers:
A couple of weeks ago, we proposed beginning a series of on-line conferences
on books or articles of interest to PMC-Talk's readers.  Many people expressed
interest in the idea, and we've picked a book with which to begin:
David Buxton, _From The Avengers to Miami Vice: form and ideology in
television series_, (New York: Manchester University Press, 1990).
We'd like to give everyone two weeks to find and read the book, so we'll
hold all comments on the reading until the beginning of May.  After that,
the conference will go on for as long as people want it to.  If this works
out, we'd like to hold three or four of these conferences a year.  Suggestions
for future readings are welcome at any time.
John Unsworth