I N T E R O F F I C E   M E M O R A N D U M
                                        Date:     01-Apr-1991 08:23am EST
                                        From:     Corinne H. Smith
                                        Dept:     Audio Visual Services
                                        Tel No:   (814) 863-3104
TO:  Remote RSCS/NJE Network User         ( _BITNET%SCREEN-L@UA1VM )
Subject: Kathy's suggestions
F-Y-I, for U.S. people looking for the documentaries
that Kathy mentioned; here are some rental/sales sources for
_If You Love This Planet_ is available from Direct Cinema
        Limited in Los Angeles at (213) 652-8000.
_Letter to the Next Generation_ is available from New Day Films
        in Wayne, NJ, at (212) 645-8210.
_Swimming to Cambodia_ is available from Viewfinders
        (800) 342-3342.
_Best Boy_ can be rented on either VHS or 16mm from us, Penn
        State Audio-Visual Services, at (800) 826-0132.