I apologize to you all if this is redundant or off base--I've been
away from SCREEN-L for a week or so and am just now able to re-subscribe.
I gather that a question was raised about readings in documentary, and
would like to throw in my own immodest two cents' worth--
Two fairly recent books on documentary I've been involved with take
up the problems of production/distribution/litigation on the one hand
and rhetoric/reading/response on the other (and try to relate the two
sets of issues).  The books are --
Tom Benson and Carolyn Anderson, REALITY FICTIONS: THE FILMS OF
    FREDERICK WISEMAN (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University
    Press, 1989).
Carolyn Anderson and Tom Benson, DOCUMENTARY DILEMMAS: FREDERICK
    WISEMAN'S 'TITICUT FOLLIES.'  (Carbondale: Southern Illinois
    University Press, 1991).  [this updates the story of TITICUT
    FOLLIES from the 1989 book].
The bibliographies and notes in these books give many
references to the contemporary scholarship in documentary.
Tom Benson
Penn State