I think that Watson has hit upon an interesting idea.  By the
way, grain is not caused by resolution, it is what defines resolution
in film.  Since the grain is not in as much order as the scanning lines
on TV, there is a reshifting of the grain pattern for every image.  I
think that the important thing that he brings up is something that will
affect the future of video.  No matter how high the resolution gets with
video, it will never LOOK the same as film.  Perhaps resolution is not
the biggest issue when it comes to replacements for film.  If there is
a video system down the line that has better resolution than film, will
it look better?  Will we respond to it in the same way we do film?  I
do not think that we will.  There will obviously be many uses for such
a system, but if it replaces film in movies, they will never be the