Without wanting to enter the debate about Campbell's putative
anti-semitism, whether one "should" care about it, and so on,
I do want to ask, Ben, that you reconsider your use of the
word "racism" in your phrase about "being an antisemite or any other
form of racist."  Hitler defined Jews as members of a race.
I don't.  To me, a Yemenite Jew is just as much a Jew as a Canadian
Jew.  Not all invidious "isms" are racisms, and the notion that
being Jewish is congenital and ineradicable speaks from the
position of the bigots.  (Yes, I know that orthodox Jewish
law defines a Jew as anyone born of a Jewish mother and does
not recognize conversion, but the vast majority of the world's
Jews--of all races--are not orthodox.)  I take pains to separate
myself from that language.  I urge others do the same.
Eric Rabkin
Department of English
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1045
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