Dear SCREEN-L controllers,
	Something seems to be amiss with your system - I keep getting messages
like this:
> From:	CBS%UK.AC.EARN-RELAY::EARN.UA1VM::SCREEN-L 10-APR-1991 12:06:12.12
> To:	SA_RAE
> CC:
> Subj:	Delivery Report (failure) for [log in to unmask]
> .
> .
> .
> Your message was not delivered to
>         [log in to unmask] for the following reason:
>         Bad Address
> .
> ***** The following information is directed towards the local administrator
> ***** and is not intended for the end user
When I say lots - maybe 20 today. All coming over the pond to the UK.
Enough of admin ... can I continue to say how interesting I found Maria's note
on the Arthurian Legend & Star Wars.
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