> Whoa!  Malcolm Dean!  Chill...  I too have heard of Campbell's
> antisemitism.  Not all of us have the time to "source" everything
> we have heard or know.
Cassandra, I could easily say that I've "heard" things about you,
or anyone on this list.
This simply isn't good enough, folks. Healthy flames and debates
are one thing, but when you start making charges about racism you
have to be prepared to back it up with sources.  Having
researched and written about the Holocaust, and Nazism, it is
clear that some of my colleagues don't understand what they're
playing with when they make these comments. This is no laughing
matter, nor something to treat casually.
So let the accuser stand behind his statements. We are waiting,
sir, for your sources against Mr. Campbell on two charges:
1. Alleged racism
2. Mythobabble
to which the court has added the charge:
3. Misogyny
Put up, or shut up ...