For those that are put off by Campbells seeming
phallocentricism, might I suggest Carol Pearsons book "The Six Archtypes
We Live By" (if memory serves me correctly). She picks up where Campbell
seems to have left off, describing the archtypes of innocents, martyrs,
wanderers, warriors, orphans, and magi, all from a female author that
strives for andrygony.
	While I find it rather unfortunate that Campbell may have been
antisemitic and/or phallocentric, this does not invalidate his works.
There is subjectivisim in every product of an individual, regardless of
their efforts to remain objective, and this must always be taken into
account (not to mention others' subjective perception of such a
	And finally, I appreciate the diversity of viewpoints provided,
(with or with out their accompanying reference sources) and would also
like to point out that Campbell doesn't have to be en vogue to provide
valuable insights to society.
BTW - The Arthurian Legend/Star Wars debate appears to have continued in
SciFi Lovers Digest for those interested.