Let's put an end to this unless someone can come up with more
than a geez-I-think-I-remember-reading-something-somewhere.
Either put up, or shut up!!
> >>(and _please_ let's
> >>leave America's favorite antisemite and purveyor of pseudo-Jungian mythobabb
> >>Joseph Cambell, out of this :-> ).
> >
> >Is rather shocking to me... what exactly do you mean by Antisemite? I
> >mean that seems like an awfully funny thing to say about a man that
> >spent so much of his life studying so many different belief systems...
> However, it does, unfortunately, seem to be true. I think it was Brendan
> Gill in the _New York Review of Books_ (someone please correct me if I'm
> off on this) who after Campbells quasi-canonization by the New Age folks
> went public with the fact that Campbell was incredibly anti-Semitic.
> The only comment I remember clearly was that in 1969, after the moon
> landing, he half-seriously suggested sending all Jewish people there
> because that would end the problem they caused. This is why I in my earlier
> post on Lucas, said I had tremendous problems with Campbell....
> >Curiously,
> >
> >--Jayson
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