Dear Colleagues, We are looking for proposals for the second volume of Screening Sex: The Sex Scene. The Sex Scene: Representation, Performance, Aesthetics is the second of two volumes that will launch the Screening Sex book series with Edinburgh University Press (the first: The Sex Scene: Space, Place, Industry). We are open to essays that will interrogate the form, function, politics and significance of the sex scene in film, television and beyond. Taking the ‘sex scene’ as a critical starting point for the book series, the two edited collections offer a critical exploration of the significance of sex on screen and in sexual cultures, combining original research with a review of existing and current literature and debates. We are looking for, but not limited to, proposals that consider: · histories and controversies (screen, legal, censorial, critical) · industrial contexts and labour (writing, directing, performing, editing) · the mise-en-scène of the sex scene (content, aesthetics, representation) · temporality and approach (in genres, form and style) · space and place (physical, digital, geographical) · visibility, visuality and concealment · intimacy, desire and pleasure · language, subjectivity and self · explicit bodies, erotics and risk · historical and cultural moments · collective and cultural practice While the volumes broadly sit under ‘film/television/screen studies’, they are decidedly interdisciplinary in scope and fit into media and communication studies, cultural studies, gender and sexuality studies. Both volumes of The Sex Scene will follow the remit of the wider series in encouraging a broad range of critical, contextual and cultural methodologies relating to sex on screen, drawing on cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research as well as encouraging intersectional observations and approaches. Please send a 250 word abstract plus short bio by Oct 31st to: Darren Kerr and Donna Peberdy - [log in to unmask] Accepted articles will be due Feb 2023. Any Qs - do get in touch. Dr Donna Peberdy is Associate Professor of Performance, Sex and Gender and Darren Kerr is Associate Professor of Sexual Cultures at Solent University Southampton (UK). They are the directors of Screening Sex - a network, Edinburgh University Press book series and BAFTSS special interest group They are also currently inviting proposals for monographs and edited collections for the book series. More details here: ---- Learn to speak like a film/TV professor! Listen to the ScreenLex podcast: