Dear Colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that the latest issue of the peer-reviewed
journal *Short
Film Studies* (12.1) has been published online. I’ve included a list of the
issue’s articles below.

Best wishes,

Cynthia Felando

Editor, *Short Film Studies*

*Short Film Studies, *Volume 12, Issue 1:

-- Michele Meek, An Interview with Claudia Morgado E. on *No Bikini*

-- Florentina Andreescu, Enjoyment and Alienation of an Embodied Life in *No

*--* Caitlyn Doyle: Beyond Documentary: Alanis Obomsawin’s Cinematic

*-- *Greg Dolgopolov: Germinating the* Ant Plant*

Featured Short Film Auteur: *Agnès Varda*:

-- Brittany Murray, Historicity and Photography in *Salut Les Cubains*

-- Richard McLaughlin, Agnès Varda’s Cinematic Writing as Political
Art in *Black

-- Julia Erhart, Manufactured Memory and the Still Photograph: Agnès
Varda’s Short Films *Ydessa, les ours et etc… *[*Ydessa, The Bears and etc…*]
(2004) and *Ulysse* (1983)

-- Tim Palmer, Beside *Du Côté de la Côte* (1958): Agnès Varda’s Early
Applied Cinephilia

-- Colleen Kennedy-Karpat, Teaching *L’Opéra-Mouffe *(1958)

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