dear all,
i am trying to post this notice of my forthcoming book publication, Space and Time in African Cinema and Cine-scapes.

the study represents a first attempt to bring the physics of space and time to bear on cinema studies, and especially african cinema.
the flyer offers a 20% discount on pre-publication orders--it is with routledge.

it is my hope that by emphasizing the physics of relativity, quantum mechanics, and cosmology, we will be able to rethink how to approach the questions of time/temporalities and space/framing, in ways that have been fundamental to modern physics. (some of the scientists whose work is cited include rovelli, barad, muller, hawking, carroll, greene, susskind, smolin--and a fair amount from deleuze).
i also hope to demonstrate the unique qualities of african cinema, often at the margins of mainstream global cinemas, that admit of such new analyses

kenneth harrow

professor emeritus

dept of english

michigan state university

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