Dear Colleagues,
I’m pleased to announce that the latest issue of the journal *Short Film
Studies* has been published. The issue reflects the journal’s expanded
scope, including an open call for papers.
Best wishes for the holiday season,
Cynthia Felando
Editor, *Short Film Studies*

Volume 11 Issue 2 includes the following:
Featured Short Film: *Trade Queen* (David Wagner, 2015):
--An interview with David Wagner on
*Trade Queen*--Gated Reverb: Queering the Pitch in *Trade Queen*, Ryan Prout
--Silent Revelations in *Trade Queen* (2015), Sarah Choi

Featured Short Film Auteur: Lynne Ramsay:
--From rivers to reservoirs: *Swimmer* as psychogeographic cinema, Lavinia
--The Symbiosis of Images and Non-Diegetic Sound in Lynne Ramsay’s
*Brigitte*, Anna Batori
--Mapping her-self: 'Ma and Da', *Small Deaths, Gasman* and the ‘mobile
home,’ Paula Quigley
--The Beautiful and the Damned: Depictions of Scottish Childhoods in *Small
Deaths *and *Gasman*, Rachel Milne
--Brevity and Unity in *Small Deaths*, Bruno Dariva

Short Films and Media: History/Criticism/Theory:
--Music Video (De)Legitimacy and the Construction of a (Short Form) Auteur:
David Fincher and Talent Management, Andrew Stubbs
--‘Strangely Comforted’: The Rhetoric of Sincerity in Kirsten Lepore’s *Hi
Stranger,* Johanet Kriel-de Klerk and Martin Rossouw
--Voices from a distance. Sámi short film production in 2020, Agnieszka
--African Science-Fiction Cinema: Wanuri Kahiu’s 21-minute film *Pumzi*
(2009), George Melnyk
--Brevity – Format – Program: A Conceptual Triangle, Laura Walde
--Screen Production Research: (Queer) Short Filmmaking as a Mode of
Enquiry, Victoria McCollum and Kevin Gaffney

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