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Subject: Re: [SCREEN-L] Somebody similar as Xavier Dolan?


I think French actress-director Ma´wenn loosely fits those three criteria,
although not perfectly (not *every* film of hers have autobiographical

Best regards,
Cristiano Cangušu

Em qui., 30 de set. de 2021 09:42, Petra Dominkova <
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> Hi everyone,
> I wanted to reach out and ask you for help in the research of one student
> of mine. I am mentoring her thesis on Xavier Dolan, and she is trying (so
> far in vain) to find someone who would be similar to him in those aspects:
> 1/ direct himself/herself in multiple films (e.g. being at the same time
> director and actor/actress);
> 2/ openly state that the characters played by him/her are sort of
> autobiographical;
> 3/ make first of his/her films fairly young (in his/her 20s, 30s).
> She was so far able to come up with few names who, however, do not
> correspond with XD in one or more above-mentioned aspects, as is Ben
> Affleck, Woody Allen, Orson Welles.
> Any suggestion would be very welcome!
> Best,
> Petra Dominkova, Ph.D.
> FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic
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