The Jump Cut collection on the Internet Archive ( has been expanded to include a large amount of additional work by media scholars Julia Lesage and Chuck Kleinhans. This includes their teaching and research materials, published and unpublished essays, conference papers, and film and video work.

Jump Cut was established in 1974 and quickly became a leading journal of media criticism--emphasizing left, feminist, and LGBTQ perspectives. It evolved into an online publication in 2001. Last year all of Jump Cut's issues were stored on for lasting, free public access.

Moreover, Julia recommends that independent scholars and publications consider storing their work on the Internet Archive. Many publications and film/video work made without the support of academic institutions and/or commercial entities are in danger of disappearing once their creators shuffle off this mortal coil.

I think I might just start uploading my own work today...

Jeremy Butler
Professor Emeritus, TV & Film Studies
Senior Fellow, Blount Scholars Program
The University of Alabama

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