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Brett Siegel
Doctoral Student & Teaching Assistant
University of Texas-Austin
Moody College of Communication
Department of Radio-Television-Film
Media Studies

Flow 2018: Precarity, Preservation, Praxis

The 2018 Flow conference will be held September 27-29, 2018. At the 2016
conference, we celebrated Flow’s 10th anniversary by looking back to
consider the changes in television and new media over the last decade. This
year, we want to extend that line of thinking and consider how we preserve,
consume, and create the media of the past, present, and future.

Flow has encouraged scholars to identify and engage with historical and
contemporary trends and developments within media culture. Continuing this
proud tradition, the conference welcomes questions addressing key issues on
the changing landscape of television and new media studies. With the
casualization of labor and the instability of the job market, precarity has
become an increasingly pressing issue for both the media industries and the
academy. Equally precarious is the state of preservation, as the production
and circulation of media content outstrips the resources and workforce
assigned to preserve it. Woven throughout and between precarity and
preservation is praxis, the ways in which labor, strategy, and skill are
marshalled to combat these threats in the industry and in academia. As
such, this year's conference focuses on the intersections of and flows
between precarity, preservation, and praxis.

We especially welcome questions that will generate conversation around the
following topics:


   Access & archives

   Authorship & authority

   History & materiality

   Labor & compensation

   Pedagogy & praxis

   Policy & politics

   Identity & nationality

   Transcultural flows & borders

   Precarity & professionalization

   Technology & ephemerality

Each year, we request that participants send in questions that engage the
topics above, as well as those we may have overlooked. Once selected, the
questions will be posed to the Flow community for responses. Based on those
responses, we will select panelists for each question and invite them to
prepare position papers to be posted online and discussed at the conference.

For examples of previous questions, please review questions posed for Flow

Questions must be submitted by Friday, February 23, 2018.

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