*The following CFP might be of interest to scholars examining in film / TV
journalism. Please share widely with faculty and students. *
*Centre for Ecological, Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research
Inaugural International Conference

*Moving Forward: Where is the Journalist in Social Media?*

*SpringHill Suites Downtown Denver Metropolitan State University of Denver
Denver, Colorado USAJune 23-24, 2017*

*Call for Papers:*

In the current political climate, the constructions of celebrity leaders
and popular forms of mediated truths, especially with the recent "fake"
internet news, have raised questions about journalism. Tabloid and other
forms of popular journalism use narrative devices of gossip, rumor and
scandals while many news media have abandoned facts and intelligent
analysis in favor of spectacular outrage and incivility, both situations
acting as testaments to the lack of informed opinions. Although scholars
and journalists work together during news reporting,
investigations/documentaries, and on other issues that are covered by news
media, scholars are often confined to academic research and disconnected
from the realities faced by journalists. Can citizen journalists and
journalism scholars help move forward with progressive research and
practice? What are the qualifications and definitions of a ‘journalist?’
Is this someone who is employed professionally - or someone who has
received an academic certification (degree) to be qualified?  Or can anyone
today be a journalist?

Citizen participation has been seen as essential in the democratic
processes of production, distribution, and reception of news. Online
participatory media such as blogs, comments and videos offer a democratic
platform for the expression of alternative ideas that may otherwise be
filtered by traditional journalism. Yet, citizen journalists need critical
media literacy that is often lost in the lure of visibility.  How can
journalism scholars creatively and critically engage citizen journalists in
the dissemination of their research, informed opinions and cultural

The Centre for Ecological, Social, and Informatics Cognitive Research
(ESI.CORE), in association with sponsors Centre for Media and Celebrity
Studies (CMCS) and WaterHill Publishing, invites academics, journalists,
publicists, producers and guests to attend, speak and collaborate at the
inaugural international conference Moving Forward: Where is the Journalist
in Social Media? Join us in Denver, Colorado where the conference will
uniquely combine vibrant roundtable and media workshop panels in a
collaborative network.

The format of the conference aims at being open and inclusive ranging from
interdisciplinary academic scholars to practitioners involved in all areas
of print, broadcast and online journalism. Working papers and media
productions will be considered for the conference.

Extended versions of selected best papers will be published in an edited

*Registration includes*: Your printed package for the complete conference,
professional development workshops, coffee / tea breaks, access to evening
receptions, complimentary evening drinks, consideration for publication.

*Submission guidelines:*

   - 250-word abstract or workshop / roundtable proposal
      - Include a title, your name, e-mail address, and affiliation if
      - Submit to conference Chair Dr William Huddy at email address:
      [log in to unmask]
      - Deadline for abstract submission: *February 15, 2017*
      - Notification of acceptance:* March 15, 2017*
      - Early bird registration deadline: *April 30, 2017*
      - Full registration deadline*: May 30, 2017*
      - Conference reception and presentations: *June 23-24, 2017*

*Topics include but are not limited to:*






         Television and Radio

         Social Media

         Informed Opinions



         Publicity and Promotion






         Environment and species





         Theory and Methods

         Ethics and Morality


         Media Literacy

         Education and Advocacy

         International Relations

         Business and Community Partnerships

         *Conference Web Page*:
         *Conference Twitter *@esicore #MF2017
         *Committee Members*: Josh Nathan and Ngoma Evelyn Moghalu
         *Conference Chair: *Dr William Huddy

         Dr. William Huddy earned his Ph.D. in Communication Studies from
         the University of Denver (2012).  Prior to academia, Huddy worked
         as a journalist and anchored television newscasts in Colorado Springs,
         Colorado, El Paso, Texas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Fort
Myers, Florida.
         He’s a Past-President (2007) of the Rocky Mountain Communication
         Association, and an active member of the National
Communication Association
         since 2001.  He teaches Political and Campaign Communication,
         Communication Research and Theory Building, Interpersonal
Communication and
         Public Speaking at Metropolitan State University of Denver
(since 2013),
         with a research focus on student engagement and communication
         His most recent publication came from the Sept. 2-3, 2015 Center
         for Media and Celebrity Studies Conference presentation of his paper,
         “Corporate Colonization and the Myth of Authentic Journalism.”

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