Dear Screen-L participants:
I'm hoping to crowdsource an analysis of this clip I just got via facebook:
"To Putin, Trump is perfect | Donald trump Kisses to Putin in Joe New Funny
Video." I don't yet know much about its source, funding or distribution,
nor can I identify all the musical cues and film references. I'm interested
in it because my hunch is this kind of facebook activity dramatically
shaped the election's outcome.

To Putin, Trump is perfect | Donald trump Kisses to Putin in Joe New Funny
Video  - v=jprKoCGLjiA

Please do let me know if you have thoughts on this clip.

I've opened up a discussion on for a quick piece entitled
"Losing the Election Audiovisually - Word Out to the Electoral College."
I'm hoping I can find a way to distribute it within 24 hours (your ideas
here too would be helpful). Feel free to join the discussion or email me
directly (I'm planning for this clip and others to be part of the article).

Losing the Election Audiovisually - Word Out to the Electoral College.docx

My argument is that the presidential election was lost in audiovisual media
before the actual vote happened. I hope we'll look at a few videos that
appeared before the election to show both the trends that pointed to
Trump's win (the Chainsmokers' "Waterbed") and more progressive trends
(Beyoncé's Lemonade); I 'd like to use the recent video I just got through
Facebook as a way of asking how audiovisual media can work politically and
what we might do now. The Electoral College meets Monday, of course, and
while we'll doubtless lose the vote, it might mean something if we sway a
few more electors. I'm hoping that those who don't think they need to know
about pop culture might change their minds.

Some of the background on this is that I've put together a panel for the
upcoming SCMS conference in Chicago this March, entitled "Collective Action
in 2017: Responding to Hate, Disenfranchisement, and the Loss of the
Commons,"  and I've proposed a new, politically responsive, academic
journal I hope we all might connect with somehow.

Best wishes,


Carol Vernallis, Ph.D.
Department of Music
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

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