Call for Papers: Women in Animation
Society for Animation Studies Conference
July 3-7 2017 - University of Padova, Italy

20-minute papers are sought for a pre-constituted panel that will be proposed for the 2017 Society for Animation Studies conference. The panel is interested in exploring the research being done on the history of women in animation and the relationship between the historical perspective and the contemporary context. As such, we are open to proposals that fall under any of these broad areas:

  *   The history of women in animation (including case studies of specific animators or contexts)
  *   Doing historical research into women in animation (e.g. availability of and access to archives; unwritten and hidden histories, etc)
  *   Analyses of the extant research, scholarship and material on the history of women in animation and female animators
  *   Examinations and critiques of the concept of gendered aesthetics and style
  *   The relationship between the history of women in animation and the contemporary context for female animators.
  *   Case studies of contemporary female animators
  *   Industry studies perspectives on the contemporary film and media industries and female animators
  *   The process of doing research into the contemporary industry or contemporary female animators
  *   Presentations from current (or past) practitioners who take any of the above analytical perspectives on their own work/ practice.

(Note, that we are open to interpreting the terms ‘animator’ and ‘animation’ broadly to include things such as V/FX, etc)

Please submit a proposal (approx. 350 words) and short bio (approx. 150 words) to Bella Honess Roe ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) by 18th December.

Dr. Bella Honess Roe
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies
Programme Director, Film Studies
School of English and Languages
University of Surrey

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