Panel: Reevaluating the Transnational in Anglo-American Cinema and Film Culture

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, March 22-26, 2017

Chicago, Illinois, USA

This panel seeks to reevaluate the relationship between British and American cinemas to take into account the transnational nature of the cultural, institutional, and industrial flows that have become commonplace under globalization. The British and American film industries have long had a fraught set of relations due to Hollywood's dominance, whether perceived or actual, of the global film industry and the British and American exhibition markets. Tensions have only been exacerbated by the regular conflation of Hollywood dominance with the threat of an impending global monoculture. However, while critical conversation has often reflected these tensions, it has tended to shy away from a direct, self-reflexive examination of the relationship itself or the ways in which it informs discussions of transnational flows between the two cinemas. An approach to Anglo-American cinema that takes into account the historical context of the relationship between the two cinemas can help us to better define how that connection functions on both the national and transnational level in each country. This specificity can allow us to think through the ways in which this transnational relationship and the discourses around it add significant layers of meaning to films, as well as their contexts of reception.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  *   Histories of particular flashpoints within the relationship between British and American cinema (the pull-out of American funding in the 1970s, the resurgence of critical praise for British heritage film in the 1980s, etc.)

  *   Accounts of specific issues or debates within discussions of British and American cinema

  *   Examinations of particular sites where the relationship between the cinemas has manifested (particular publications or festivals, work by specific critics, awards ceremonies, etc.)

  *   Readings of particular films or directors in terms of their participation in, response to, or influence on the relationship between American and British film or film cultures

  *   The impact on Anglo-American film relations through intersection with other industries - fashion, music, etc.

Interested parties should send a 250-300 word abstract (no more than 2,500 characters), a bibliography of 3-5 sources, and a brief author bio (approximately 50 words) to Lindsey Decker at [log in to unmask] and Tim Alan Bell at [log in to unmask] no later than August 1, 2016. Notifications will be sent out by August 15, 2016. Inquiries are welcome.

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