Issue 10 of The Cine-Files on Cinematic Affect is now online:
Issue 10 features a dossier edited by Anne Rutherford, author of What Makes a Film Tick?  Contributors include Anna Powell, Steven Shaviro, Paul Gormley, Angela Ndalianis, Eugenie Brinkema, Elena del Rio, Amit Rai, Laura U. Marks, Jennifer Biddle, Patricia Pisters, Robin Curtis, Jennifer Barker, Jenny Chamarette, and Gertrud Koch. Issue 10 also includes Luis Antunes on the "aesthetics of cold," Saige Walton on the Baroque in Claire Denis' Bastards, Simin Littschwager on texture in Fight Club, Jake Ivan Dole on the embodied camera in In the Mood for Love, and Corey K. Creekmur on affective videographic criticism.  

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