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The Science Fiction & Fantasy Area of the Southwest Popular/American
Culture Association invites paper or panel proposals on

CFP: Doctor Who/Torchwood and British Sci-Fi Television

at the 37th annual meeting of the Southwest Popular/American Culture
Association in Albuquerque, New Mexico

February 10-13, 2016

Any and all topics will be considered, although we especially encourage
proposals on:

o genre (comedy, horror, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, etc.)

o reception/transmission of either DW or other series internationally (past
or present)

o Doctor Who as brand
o regeneration(s) of Doctor Who

o gender
o Use/misuse of technology

o Queer readings and/or presentations of LGBQT characters
o auteur-ship
o fandom and fanwork
o British science fiction TV, past and present

Proposals Due: November 1, 2015

Submit 250-word paper proposals or multi-paper panel proposals (with a
title & 250-wd abstract for each panelist, each on a separate form) at:

Submit under the category
Science Fiction & Fantasy – British Sci-Fi Television

Graduate students who present papers in the Area are eligible to apply for
the Richard Tuerk “Out of This World” Paper Award
for Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Questions: Erin Giannini ([log in to unmask])

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With an average of 70+ presenters annually, The Science Fiction and Fantasy
Area of the Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Association is
one of the most dynamic and well attended areas at the conference. Numerous
book and article publications have originated from our panels.

The Area was founded in 1995 by Prof. Richard Tuerk of the Texas A&M
University-Commerce (formerly East Texas State University) and author of Oz
in Perspective (McFarland, 2007). The Area is currently chaired by Ximena
Gallardo C. of the City University of New York-LaGuardia and co-
author of Alien
Woman: The Making of Lt. Ellen Ripley (Continuum: 2004); Rikk Mulligan of
Longwood University, author of “Zombie Apocalypse: Plague and the End of
the World in Popular Culture” (End of Days, McFarland 2009); Tamy Burnett
of the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, co-editor of The Literary
Angel (McFarland,
2010); Brian Cowlishaw of Northeastern State University, author of "No
Future Shock Here: The Jetsons, Happy Tech, and the Patriarchy" (The Galaxy
is Rated G, McFarland: 2011); Erin Giannini, independent scholar, who has
presented and published work on series such as Dollhouse,
Supernatural, and Mystery
Science Theater 3000; and Susan Fanetti, Associate Professor at California
State University Sacramento.

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