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Don Larsson

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Donald F. Larsson, Emeritus Professor
English Department, Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Subject: [SCREEN-L] Urgent: number of cinema/media studies programs in U.S.?

Hi everyone,

I've been given the urgent research assistant task of determining how many
cinema/media studies programs there are in the United States, and also how
many cinema/media studies courses are taught at the undergraduate and
graduate level in the United States.

Ernest Pintoff's *The Complete Guide to American Film Schools and Cinema
and Television Courses* gives excellent information, but it was published
in 1994, and we're hoping to find some more recent numbers.  (Similarly,
AFI's *Guide to College Courses in Film and Television *appears to have
been last updated in 1992.)  Does anyone have this information or have a
suggestion for where we can find it?  Needed ASAP.

Many thanks for any help anyone can offer!

Molly A. Schneider
Doctoral Candidate
Screen Cultures Program
Dept. of Radio/TV/Film
Northwestern University

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