I am writing because I am on the board of the Scarecrow Project, the
non-profit entity that now oversees the legendary Scarecrow Video, in
Seattle. (http://blog.scarecrow.com/)

As part of Scarecrow's developing mission, we are very interested in
expanding the "educational" function of the store and its vast library of
over 130,000 videos.  Currently, there are a number of educational outreach
programs that impact the Seattle area, but I am also curious about the
possibility that the store might find educational users across the country.

So - my questions.  Is there anyone on this listserv that could imagine
using parts of this collection in your teaching, at your current
institution?  Say, through a semester-long loan of some selected titles?
What if Scarecrow helped you "curate" videos for courses that you currently
teach or wish to teach?  Or, do you find that your institution's media
library is responsive to your pedagogical needs, and that you cannot
imagine finding use of Scarecrow in this way?

If you are curious, you could take a look at Scarecrow's incredible
library, which holds an amazing number of rare videos:

We at Scarecrow have not fully thought through the feasibility of loaning
videos long-distance, nor the pragmatics for how this program would work; I
am just trying to gauge potential interest in such a system before we
devote too much time and energy into implementing it.

If you have thoughts or opinions about this, please email me DIRECTLY at
[log in to unmask] (so as to not clog this listserv with responses).

Many thanks,
Dan Herbert

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