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The Watching the Trailer website (<>) was established as a resource for academic discussions and work around trailers and related promotional materials.

This week, we’re pleased to present Jonathan Wroot’s work on the trailer as a branding device, in ‘The Story of Arrow Video, as Told by the Trailer for their DVDs’. This is available now via:

Jonathan is only the most recent of our guest bloggers – you can find earlier posts from the Watching the Trailer project in our archives, including guest posts from:

- Enrica Picarelli, ‘To Catch a Dream: Fashion Film, Ad Campaign or Trailer’

- Bridget Kies, ‘Fifty Shades of Paratext: Fan Videos vs Commercial Trailers’ <>

And once you’ve read through those, you’ll be in the mood to complete our new trailer audience survey:

If you’ve already taken part in the survey, many thanks – and tell your friends!

The Watching the Trailer team (Fred Greene, Keith M. Johnston, and Ed Vollans)

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