Dear Colleagues

The Watching the Trailer research team are pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd 'Watching the Trailer' Survey – available here:

As many of you will remember, our initial survey on trailer audiences and the place of the trailer in contemporary media / society ran in winter 2013/14. A huge number of you contributed to that survey – thanks! – and the publication of our results received international media coverage.

Survey #2 is now up and running – and we would be grateful if you would take part, and pass on the link ( to friends, family, students… the more the merrier!

For those of you attending SCMS 2015 in Montreal, we’re presenting our research findings there (panel I4, 3pm, Thursday26th) – so please come and say hello – you can also read more about the project and survey #1 results via our blog entries on<>.

With thanks, and the usual apologies for cross posting,

The Watching the Trailer team: Fred Greene, Keith M. Johnston, and Ed Vollans.

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