VISIBLE EVIDENCE XXII : International Conference on Documentary Film and Media 

Toronto: 19-23 August 2015

Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto

School of Image Arts, Ryerson University

Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University


Proposals may address all aspects of documentary screen cultures, histories and practices.

Proposals for pre-constituted panels, individual papers, workshops, and screenings are invited.

Important Deadlines

Pre-Constituted Panels and Workshops: February 7, 2015.

Individual Papers and Screenings: February 15, 2015.

Please submit proposals online to:

 The Programming Committee will respond to all proposals by March 23, 2015.

 Further information:

 Panels, Papers, Workshops, and Screenings

Presentations will take place within 90-minute blocks shared by between 3  4 presenters and chaired either by a presenter or a moderator designated by the organizing committee. Panels and workshops may be pre-constituted, either through individual solicitation or public calls. Conveners of pre-constituted panels and their participants should coordinate their session to allow time for discussion, limiting individual contributions to 20-minutes.

 Pre-constituted panels are organized around a well-defined critical, theoretical or historical topic that aims to generate dialogue among the panelists and audience members. Conveners are asked to submit a proposal that outlines the event as a whole and also provides for each presenter: 

1) a title and abstract for the presentation (~300 words)
2) an autobiographical blurb (~50-100 word max)
3) a five-item bibliography

 Individual papers are asked to provide proposals using the same format as for panelists of a pre-constituted panel (see immediately above). Presenters will be grouped into panels constituted by the Programming Committee.

 Pre-constituted workshops may include up to six (6) presenters making short opening statements leading to interaction among themselves and the audience. Conveners are asked to submit a proposal that outlines the event as a whole and provides for each presenter: a title and abstract for the presentation; an autobiographical paragraph and a five-item bibliography.

 Individual screenings will generally take place within ninety-minute blocks. Presenters should prepare excerpts from their work, while allowing time for discussion. Proposals for screenings should include a title and description of the work, including a contextualization of its prominence within current documentary practice; an autobiographical paragraph; and distribution information the presenter wishes to have appeared in the conference program. If feasible, a screener or link to the work should also be submitted.

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