The Fall 2014 issue of CINEMA JOURNAL has just been released by the Society
for Cinema and Media Studies.

Its table of contents:

Modernization and Ambivalence in Octavio Cortázar's Por primera vez
Nicholas Balasis

Statistical Analysis of Television Style: What Can Numbers Tell Us about TV
Jeremy Butler

"Past Not-So-Perfect": Ararat and Its Reception in Turkey
Özlem Köksal

Configuring Affect: Complex World Making in Fatih Akın's Auf der anderen
Seite (The Edge of Heaven)
Claudia Breger

Cold War Carmen in US Racial Modernity
Neda Atanasoski

In Focus: Latin American Film Research in the Twenty-First Century
edited by Ana M. López and Dolores Tierney

Book Reviews: Latin American Caucus
edited by Louisa Stein

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