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"Director Jessica Chen Drammeh draws inspiration from her own background
for this short documentary on multiracial identity. Like her, all of the
interviewees here have faced the same question-"what are you?"-in daily
life and on census forms, and they respond in different ways. Folk singer
Gabrielle Callender, who grew up in a foster family, used to check "black,"
but then started to consider alternatives, such as "other," since she's
part white. During the course of filming, Gabriella reunites with her
mother, who had to give her up when confined to a mental institution
(Gabriella never met her father, but hasn't stopped searching).  Thaddeus
Rutkowski, a jazz musician with a Caucasian mother and a Congolese father,
prefers "all of the above," but that isn't always and option.  Michelle
Myers, a spoken word artist who has performed on Russell Simmons Presents
Def Poetry, identifies herself as Asian, partially because her father's
family hasn't offered as much support as that of her Korean mother,
especially once she married a black man.  She and her husband, Tyrone, have
since had three children, who share an even more complicated racial
heritage.  The growth of the multiracial population in the U.S. has led to
courses on the subject at colleges throughout the country, and professors
from New York University, the University of Massachusetts, and Stanford
University all contribute commentary here. A thought-provoking film on
melting pot America, this is recommended. Aud:C,P."
--K. Fennessy, Video Librarian Magazine​

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