This week In Media Res<> partners with Cinema Journal for an In Focus section on Clueless (May 26 - May 30, 2014).

Here's the line-up:

Monday, May 26, 2014 - Melissa Lenos (Donnelly College) presents: "A Way Normal Life for a Teenage Girl"
Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - Jennifer O’Meara (Trinity College Dublin) presents: Quoting Characters: Subtitled Film Stills and Identification
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - Ben Aslinger (Bentley University) presents: Reclaiming and Diversifying Taste
Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Alice Leppert (Ursinus College) presents: Clueless and 90s Teen Magazine Style
Friday, May 30, 2014 - Kyra Hunting (University of Wisconsin, Madison) presents: Clueless Girls: and Teen Film Genre Play

Theme week organized by Melissa Lenos<> (Donnelly College).

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