I've just posted my reading oF Sarah Polley's stunner of a debut film: AWAY
FROM HER (2006) at http://www.asharperfocus.com/Awayf.html.  Here's
something of a summary:

    Polley has redefined fidelity.   The film is paradoxical. Fidelity is
infidelity, not the kind Grant carried on with the students, something
altogether different, even "noble," as the errant spouses first call it.

    Curiously, all three of Polley's films (as of 2014) deal with
infidelity. Her first feature film makes an extraordinarily subtle and
paradoxical point about infidelity, one that turns one's usual notions
inside out and upside down. No wonder the critics all say how "promising"
this film is, how it augurs great films to come. But I'd say at least one
of those great films is already here, AWAY FROM HER.

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