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I'm writing from Women Make Movies, the leading nonprofit distributor of
films by and about women. I thought the members of this listserv would
be interested in our new releases by Ulrike Ottinger, THE KOREAN WEDDING
CHEST and UNDER SNOW, both available now on DVD for the first time.


Also now available is ULRIKE OTTINGER - NOMAD FROM THE LAKE, a richly
rewarding close-up of the filmmaking pioneer who, along with Margarethe
von Trotta and Helke Sander, helped launch New German Cinema on world
screens. This intimate documentary is an indispensable companion for any
Ottinger film.


To celebrate these releases, WMM is offering a special promotion, if you
buy 2 or more you can receive a 25% discount using promo code


I'm including some additional info below. Please feel free to contact me
with any questions, and thanks as always for supporting independent
women filmmakers!




"Ottinger's fascinating documentary... carefully locates the
contemporary wedding industry at the very heart of the intersection of
tradition and modernity in Korean culture." Harvard Film Archives


In THE KOREAN WEDDING CHEST, director Ulrike Ottinger merges
ethnography, stunning tableaux and baroque vignettes to portray love and
marriage in a South Korea caught between globalization and ancient
custom. Inspired by the "well-stocked miracle" of traditional wedding
chests, Ottinger evokes a modern fairytale flush with mythical rites,
ancestral symbolism, dreams of eternal love and an overdose of Western


A film by Ulrike Ottinger

Germany/South Korea, 2008, 82 minutes, Color, DVD

Institutional Price: $395.00

DVD Rental Price: $150.00

K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00




"Visually and musically evocative... A film for all who wish to take a
journey to a mysterious and slow world." Asia-Pacific Weeks


For more than half the year, heavy snowfall engulfs Japan's Echigo
region, leading locals to develop a distinctive way of life. Ottinger
invites audiences UNDER SNOW and into these curious communities where
everyday routines along with traditional religious rituals, festivals,
cuisine, songs and games are adapted to Echigo's austere living
conditions and natural beauty. Read more and view the trailer.


A film by Ulrike Ottinger

Germany/Japan, 2011, 103 minutes, Color, DVD

Institutional Price: $395.00

DVD Rental Price: $150.00

K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00




More than any other female artist, Ulrike Ottinger enriched the modern
cinematic landscape with her surreal, original and extreme films. In
ULRIKE OTTINGER - NOMAD FROM THE LAKE, filmmaker Brigitte Kramer
provides a keen insight into Ottinger's substantial oeuvre, beginning
with their shared beloved Lake Constance hometown and weaving in a
rotating cast of influential characters including art historian
Katharina Sykora, film historian Ulrich Gregor, philosopher Bernd
Scherer and actor Irm Hermann. 


A film by Brigitte Kramer

Germany, 2012, 86 minutes, Color, DVD

Institutional Price: $295.00

DVD Rental Price: $90.00

K-12, Public Libraries, Community Groups: $89.00


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