You'll definitely want to include Caitlin Benson-Allott's Killer Tapes and Shattered Screens. It's a great read. I highly recommend it.


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Dear all,

I am teaching a course next semester on "Bad Devices": that is, contemporary media/technology in films and television wherein the camera/video, television, radio, telephone/mobile phone, Internet, GPS, gaming etc. become devices of tragedy, mishap, power-play, evil, even supernatural force that mess us up: Face in the Crowd, Quiz Show, Truman Show, Mothman Prophecies, Blair Witch Project, Ring/Ringu, Shadow of the Vampire, the holodeck in Star Trek, Matrix, eXistenZ, possibly BBC Sherlock (Scandal in Belgravia). I would greatly appreciate any advice on this topic-- there are so many possibilities in Anime and Manga, for instance, in films about "haunted technology" (a website devoted to it), but I would like some guidance on focusing it and on the most relevant criticism to give to my students.

Sarah Higley

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