Print and Cinema Journal are pleased to announce a call for 
proposals on the topic of New Approaches to Teaching World Cinema:

At a time of accelerating globalization, when our students' movies and 
their lives are increasingly shaped by transnational flows of media, 
politics, finance, technology, and cultural values, introducing them to 
world cinema is more important than ever. But the challenges facing us 
as teachers are also far-ranging and complex, among them:

  * How should we address the problem of coverage in a one- or
    two-semester course?
  * Which films, regions, periods, and movements should we focus on?
  * What textbooks and other resources are available?
  * How do we overcome the obstacles of access, subtitles, or cultural
  * How can we best adapt our courses to changes in the field?
  * How can we best incorporate relevant issues reflected across time
    and countries?

This dossier seeks to highlight promising, innovative ideas from 
experienced teachers who take different approaches to world cinema, 
approaches that reflect significant developments in scholarship, 
pedagogy, theory, and current trends in global film production.

*/The Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier/* 
team at invites proposals that address these questions 
and more in regard to teaching world cinema. Those wishing to submit 
should compose a 300-word abstract of the proposed 1500-word essay, 
briefly describing the essay topic and how it connects to the Dossier 
topic, as well as a 150-word biography highlighting courses taught or 
other relevant experience. Proposals should be submitted to William 
Costanzo ([log in to unmask]) and Diane Carson 
([log in to unmask]) by November 25th. Completed essays (including all 
images and links) will be due on January 1st.

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