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[cid:[log in to unmask]]Digital Ethnography<>
Anthropology, Narrative, and New Media
Natalie M. Underberg & Elayne Zorn

Digital ethnography can be understood as a method for representing real-life cultures through storytelling in digital media. Enabling audiences to go beyond absorbing facts, computer-based storytelling allows for immersion in the experience of another culture. A guide for anyone in the social sciences who seeks to enrich ethnographic techniques, Digital Ethnography offers a ground-breaking approach that utilizes interactive components to simulate cultural narratives.  Integrating insights from cultural anthropology, folklore, digital humanities, and digital heritage studies, this work brims with case studies that provide in-depth discussions of applied projects. Web links to multimedia examples are included as well, including projects, design documents, and other relevant materials related to the planning and execution of digital ethnography projects. In addition, new media tools such as database development and XML coding are explored and explained, bridging the literature on cyber-ethnography with inspiring examples such as blending cultural heritage with computer games.

Introduction; Chapter 1. Rethinking Culture through Multimedia Ethnography; Chapter 2. Florida and Peru: Experiments in Ethnographic Representation; Chapter 3. Digital Tools for Anthropological Analysis; Chapter 4. Using the Extensible Markup Language in Cultural Analysis and Presentation; Natalie Underberg and Rudy McDaniel; Chapter 5. Using Features of Digital Environments to Enable Cultural Learning; Chapter 6. Cultural Heritage Video Game Design; Conclusion. Narratives and Critical Anthropology: Roles for New Media
Appendix: Guide to Web-Based Materials; Glossary; References Cited; Index

University of Texas Press
12 b&w photographs
May 2013 127pp 9780292744332 HB 31.00 now only 21.70 when you quote CS0813FILM<> when you order

[cid:[log in to unmask]]Experimental Latin American Cinema<>
History and Aesthetics
Cynthia Tompkins

   While there are numerous film studies that focus on one particular grouping of films-by nationality, by era, or by technique-here is the first single volume that incorporates all of the above, offering a broad overview of experimental Latin American film produced over the last twenty years. Analysing seventeen recent films by eleven different filmmakers from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru, Cynthia Tompkins uses a comparative approach that finds commonalities among the disparate works in terms of their influences, aesthetics, and techniques. Tompkins introduces each film first in its sociohistorical context before summarizing it and then subverting its canonical interpretation. Pivotal to her close readings of the films and their convergences as a collective cinema is Tompkins's application of Deleuzian film theory and the concept of the time-image as it pertains to the treatment of time and repetition. Tompkins also explores such topics as the theme of decolonization, the consistent use of montage, paratactically structured narratives, and the fusion of documentary conventions and neorealism with drama.

University of Texas Press
74 b&w photographs
March 2013 306pp 9780292744158 HB 42.00 now only 29.40 when you quote CS0813FILM<> when you order

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