*Since it's inauguration in 2009, The Festival of (In)Appropriation has
emerged as a premiere international showcase of experimental found-footage
film and video, attracting the work of artists who probe the limits of
collage, Machinima, Re-mix, Detournement, Mash-up, and more, across an
array of moving image formats. Taking as their raw material the abundant
new sources of audiovisual media to have emerged in the past decade--from
official state and commercial archives, to vernacular collections, home
movie repositories, and digital archives of ever stripe--such works
generate novel juxtapositions, often producing ideas and meanings that were
unintended by the original makers. These recombinations, in other words,
are "inappropriate."*
Now, for the first time, 45 of the films screened as part of the festival
are available on DVD by educational and research institutions. These
cutting edge experimental works are essential to any film collection. We
also offer a traveling show of our most recent (2012) program.

For details on the traveling show, individual films, or to purchase DVDs,
 Please email any questions to [log in to unmask]

Thank you,
Jaimie Baron, Lauren Berliner, and Greg Cohen

Sponsored by: Los Angeles Filmforum

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