I've seen more than one Soundie jukebox film with a similar set up.   
Here's a link to one (although the narrative doesn't seem quite  
right). I've got notes on another one I viewed at the Eastman House  
(pasted below). I'm sure these aren't the only shorts that use this  


"Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland" 12/30/46   R.C.M., Soundies D.C.    
Prod. Ben Hersh  Dir. Dave Gould Featuring: The Guardsmen Quartet

Synopsis:  Man serenades couples in restaurant, "Tonight in dreamland,  
my love, we'll have a secret rondevouz." One couple leaves, each go to  
separate rooms in hotel. Cross-section of wall, both rise and dance,  
superimposed over sleeping bodies.


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> Subject: Help with Identification of a Dance Film
> A colleague is trying to identifying the following film:
> So when I was looking at historical clips of social dancing at Lincoln
> Center last week, I saw one lifted from a movie: a married couple in  
> bed
> (separate beds? couldn't tell), each of them dreaming, and in the
> his-and-hers dreams they were dancing ballroom very fancily. Does  
> this ring
> a bell with anyone? Black and white, didn't recognize the actors.
> Any ideas?
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