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A moving, controversial novel that captured both the dazzling spirit  
and the bitter disenchantment of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age

By Budd Schulberg
University of Minnesota Press | 400 pages | 2012
ISBN 978-0-8166-7935-5 | paperback | $18.95
Series: A Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book

The Disenchanted tells the tragic story of Manley Halliday, a  
fabulously successful writer during the 1920s who by the late 1930s is  
forgotten by the literary establishment. Based in part on a writing  
assignment between the author and F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1939, it  
stands as one of the most compelling and emotional evocations of  
generational disillusion and fallen American stardom.

"[Halliday] will haunt the imagination of all who have the good  
fortune to be coming, for the first time, to this remarkable novel." — 
Anthony Burgess

"As sad a novel as any contemporary novelist has written, sometimes  
heartbreakingly so . . . a magnificently done piece of work." —San  
Francisco Chronicle

Budd Schulberg (1914–2009) was born in New York City and grew up in  
Hollywood, where his father was production chief of Paramount Studios  
and his mother a successful agent. His many novels include the classic  
What Makes Sammy Run? and The Harder They Fall. He received an Academy  
Award for his screenplay for On the Waterfront in 1954.

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