Call for Papers for Proposed Panel

Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference - March 6-10, 2013 - Chicago, IL 

Panel Subject: The Visual Aesthetics of Postfeminist Girlhood

This proposed panel seeks to understand postfeminist girlhood as it is constructed visually in contemporary film, television, and digital media.


To date, numerous scholarly books and articles have addressed the discourses and narrative strategies associated with postfeminist media culture.  Only a handful of these studies has focused specifically on girlhood, and far fewer have examined how postfeminism is articulated on the visual level in media texts about, for, and by girls.


With an understanding that youthfulness is central to the postfeminist sensibility, which also excessively values image, glamour, and visibility, the papers on this panel seek to broaden critical discussions of both postfeminist media and mediated girlhoods through attention to the visual aesthetics operating at their convergence.


Potential paper topics include:

- glamour and visibility

- youthfulness and feminine corporeality

- race and physical display

- hetero- and homonormative performances

- class, taste, and consumption

- magic and fantasy

- Princess culture

- celebrity culture

- makeover culture

- fashion, accessories, hair, and makeup

- lighting and cinematography

- production design

- narrative themes of visibility

- visual self-representation via digital media.


Please send a 250-word abstract with at least 3 references and a brief biographical note to Mary Celeste Kearney [log in to unmask] by July 22, 2012.  (Text pasted into the body of an email is preferred over an attached Word document.)  Selections for the panel will be made by August 15, 2012.
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