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You could try the Twilight series which is something they will all be familiar with. The latest film in particular would set up some interesting discussion points regarding gender, sex and danger. Many other vampire narratives could also be used to discuss the female gaze in this way - for example, the cult fandoms surrounding Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Eric Northman from True Blood demonstrate a fetishisation of the 'bad' (attractive, menacing) vampire over the 'good' (attractive, protective) vampire.

I'm sure others can come up with more suggestions, but hope that helps!

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Dr Rebecca Beirne
Film, Media and Cultural Studies
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Subject: [SCREEN-L] the "female gothic"
one inflection of the "female gothic," in which the young heroine falls in with - or in love with - an attractive but menacing and mysterious man, has been extensively analyzed by feminist critics who use it as a way of exploring female subjectivity  . . . films in this genre became very popular in the forties, although its cinematic ancestors go back at least as far as hitchcock's 1926 LODGER   . . .

but i'm having trouble [no doubt a memory lapse] thinking of more contemporary films that might fall into this category . . . since i want to use these films in a course,  in which students consider anything released before last thursday as ancient history that has nothing to do with their own much more enlightened world, i'd welcome suggestions for VERY  recent films that i might use

thanks in advance for any suggestions


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