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Robert Bresson (Revised)
Revised and Expanded Edition
Edited by James Quandt

"A fine, fat volume of appreciations and interviews." ‹Richard Corliss, Time

Drawing together more than 30 articles by leading critics and scholars,
interviews and commentaries by important contemporary filmmakers, and a
recent symposium on the director, Robert Bresson (Revised) is an invaluable
resource for better understanding the beauty of Bresson¹s singular body of
work. James Quandt reproduces essential contributions from the original
edition, such as essays by Susan Sontag, André Bazin, P. Adams Sitney, and
Kristin Thompson. He also includes new material by David Bordwell, Mark
Rappaport, Shigehiko Hasumi, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Serge Daney, Jean-Michel
Frodon, Colin Burnett, and Richard Suchenski, and by filmmakers Jean-Pierre
Gorin and Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.

Cinematheque Ontario Monographs
Distributed for the Toronto International Film Festival Group
Sales territor is world excluding Canada
752 pp., 135 b&w illus.
paper 978-0-9682969-5-0 $39.95

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