Hello. I wanted to let you and your students know about Old School New School, a new educational documentary on creativity. 

OSNS explores how a person can tap into his or her full creative potential. It was released in June by SnagFilms and features insights on finding one's voice, success in the arts, and security versus risk from a wide range of artistic heavyweights: celebrated actor Brian Cox, jazz great McCoy Tyner, and six-time Oscar nominated cinematographer William Fraker among them.

I hope you will share the link with your students. We are also coordinating panel discussions that continue the discussion about how a person can realize his or her full creative potential. Universities are the ideal venue. Please do not hesitate to call me direct if you would like to collaborate on bringing the panel to your school.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate your consideration.


Steven Fischer 
Producer, Old School New School
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NEW YORK, June 2011 – SnagFilms and two-time Emmy®-nominee Steven Fischer have released Old School New School, a stimulating educational documentary exploring the nature of creativity. The film can be seen for free at

In this 33-minute film, Fischer’s quest to fully realize his creative potential takes him into the lives and homes of a variety of accomplished artists. Their conversations explore three central themes: finding one's voice, security versus risk, and the definition of success all within the context of creative storytelling through various crafts – including acting, cinematography, music, theater, dance and poetry.

“Although the film documents a personal journey, it is one that is familiar to many aspiring artists,” says Fischer. “Showing this documentary through SnagFilms will allow everyone to benefit from the insights and wisdom so generously shared by these extraordinary individuals.”

Among the luminaries who explore the genesis of creativity on-camera with Fischer are:

•    Emmy®-winning actor Brian Cox (King Lear, X-Men, Manhunter)
•    Tony Award-winning producer Emanuel Azenberg (Rent, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Lost in Yonkers)
•    Oscar®-nominated cinematographer William Fraker ASC, BSC (Bullitt, Rosemary’s Baby, WarGames, Tombstone)
•    Grammy-winning jazz pianist McCoy Tyner (My Favorite Things, Sahara, Illuminations)
•    Accomplished actor Tomas Arana (CSI, 24, Law & Order, Tombstone, Gladiator)
•    Renowned cinematographer John Bailey, ASC (The Big Chill, American Gigolo, The Accidental Tourist)
•    Actor-turned-Congressman Ben Jones (Dukes of Hazzard)
•    Acclaimed theater actor and professor Sam McCready
•    Distinguished poet James Ragan (Too Long a Solitude, In the Talking Hours)
•    Award-winning improvisational dancer Kirstie Simson

Steven Fischer is a multi-award winning writer/producer noted for artistic and socially conscious storytelling. His credits include Freedom Dance (2007), featuring Mariska Hargitay, as well as documentaries and scripted stories commissioned by: Maryland Public Television/PBS, Nextel, National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, TimeWarner Cable, and AmeriCorps.

In 2010, Fischer's contribution to the arts were publicly honored by The Daily Record who named him on their list of Influential Marylanders.

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To learn more about Old School New School, go to

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