If you're interested in social-issue films (and the people who fund them),
then you might be interested in this new report done by two Center for
Social Media research fellows. It looks at a clutch of films funded by the
Ford Foundation (which invests heavily in social-issue docs) and provides
ways to establish goals and expectations that don't rely on numbers or
"impressions." It draws from and summarizes some of the fairly hectic debate
in the funder and outreach communities around creating goals and evaluation
strategies for social-issue docs. Thanks!

Social Justice Documentary:DESIGNING FOR IMPACT

Over the past decade, a lively debate has emerged around questions of how
best to assess the rising impact of social issue documentaries. *In a new
report, Social Justice Documentary: Designing for Impact*, Center for Social
Media (CSM) Fellows *Jessica Clark *and *Barbara Abrash*examine this
question through the lens of six in-depth case studies of high-impact
documentaries, and offer a snapshot of evaluation efforts, an analysis of
how strategic design concepts can be applied to documentary production, and
a framework to prompt further research.

The report builds upon more than five years of Ford Foundation-funded
analysis on social
 and public media
thatthe authors have conducted both together and separately with CSM. It is
designed not to offer prescriptive recommendations about how best to assess
impact, but rather to open up a conversation among documentary makers,
funders and partners about how to refine best practices for the field.

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Pat Aufderheide, University Professor and Director
Center for Social Media, School of Communication
American University
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Order *Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright*, with
Peter Jaszi. University of Chicago Press,

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Early comments on *Reclaiming Fair Use:*

"The Supreme Court has told us that fair use is one of the "traditional
safeguards" of the First Amendment.  As this book makes abundantly clear,
nobody has done better work making sure that safeguard is actually effective
than Aufderheide and Jaszi.  The day we have a First Amendment Hall of Fame,
their names should be there engraved in stone.  --Lewis Hyde, author, *Common
as Air: Revolution, Art and Ownership*

“*Reclaiming Fair Use* will be an important and widely read book that
scholars of copyright law will find a ‘must have’ for their bookshelves. It
is a sound interpretation of the law and offers useful guidance to the
creative community that goes beyond what some of the most ideological books
about copyright tend to say.”—Pamela Samuelson, University of California,
Berkeley School of Law

"If you only read one book about copyright this year, read *Reclaiming Fair
Use.  *It is the definitive history of the cataclysmic change in the custom
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