THE CASE OF THE MISSING HARE is featured on Volume 3 of the DVD box set LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION, released by Warner Bros. in 2005.  MAGICAL MAESTRO is a Tex Avery cartoon released by MGM.  It was included on a 1992 VHS tape--TEX AVERY'S SCREWBALL CLASSICS--although it is quite possible that it appears there in the edited version that cuts some racially offensive bits.  That edited version used to appear frequently on the Cartoon Network when they were showcasing Avery for a while.

Both cartoons are also readily available online, at YouTube and elsewhere, although the quality (not to mention the legality) of both is probably dubious.  THE CASE OF THE MISSING HARE had fallen into public domain for a while, but I don't know if that's still the case.  The cut scenes from MAGICAL MAESTRO can be found at some of these sites.

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For a film series on magic in cinema, a friend of mine is trying to track down 2 WB cartoons, THE CASE OF THE MISSING HARE, and MAGICAL MAESTRO.  35 or 16 mm. prints would be best, but dvd or vhs could work too.  Any leads?

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