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Performing American Masculinities
The 21st-Century Man in Popular Culture
Edited by Elwood Watson and Marc E. Shaw

"Performing American Masculinities focuses usefully on a range of specific
anxieties related to masculinity, including those created by differences of
race and sexuality, as well as of non-normative gender subjectivities."
‹David Buchbinder, Curtin University of Technology

This collection highlights the fluidity of masculinity in American popular
culture at the turn of the new millennium and beyond by examining
possibilities for male identity formation. Each chapter mines American
popular culture‹theatre, film, literature, music, advertising, internet
content, television, photography, and current events‹to pose questions about
the process of gender creation and the contestation of masculinities as
constantly changing political forms. The first section explores
masculinities within late capitalism and includes studies of Seinfeld, Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy, and reality television. The second section
addresses identity when masculinity intersects with race, religion,
disability, and sexuality, including chapters on Barack Obama, the O.J.
trial, and popular movies.

252 pp.
cloth 978-0-253-35573-7 $70.00
paper 978-0-253-22270-1 $24.95

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